Frequently Asked Questions

The evolution of the Cretan and the Greek vineyard in general is amazing year by year. The Wine tastings are constantly evolving, always maintaining the faith and the love for the good wine.
What means Wine Tasting
Wine tasting means that we taste one or more wines without food, in order to understand its character.
What means Wine Tasting Seminars?
Wine Tasting Seminar means that by tasting a wine, we analyze it in detail and try, in addition to its character, to understand the terroir of the area where it comes from. The characteristics of each wine are analyzed, step by step
What areas are the wines from?
You can choose from the Cretan or the Greek vineyard in general, based on your interest and preferences.
How many wines do we try each time?
Depending on the type of tasting or seminar you choose, the wines tested are from three to eight bottles. Which open at that time at the right temperature.
How long does a Wine Tasting or Wine Tasting Seminar last?
The duration of the wine tasting starts from 60 minutes to 75 minutes. In the wine tasting seminar it starts from 45 minutes to 120 minutes.