The ninth month of the year, which took its name from the Latin word “septen” meaning seven, because before the change of the Julian calendar was the seventh month and the first of September was the Roman New Year, September was established as the beginning of the ecclesiastical , but also of the political year, because the 1st of September coincided with the beginning of the indictment. Even today, after all, the Eastern Orthodox Church still celebrates September 1 as the “beginning of the indictment.”

September means the beginning of autumn where all the crops have been harvested and it is time to plow the fields at the end of the month and rest until the new year.

September, however, has other names, such as “Stavriatis” or “Stavritis”, due to the great celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on the 14th of the month.

It is also the month of students returning to schools for a new year.

The temperature is pleasantly warm and at the same time cool enough.

Mostly, however, September is known as “Trygominas” or “Harvester” wine again starring

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