The seventh month of the year known as “Alonaris” or “Alonistis” because it is the month of threshing grain.

The month was named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar who in 46 BC, forced all the peoples of his empire to use the calendar he had designed known as Julian, which has been in force in Greece since 1923.

A characteristic celebration of July is the Prophet Elias on July 20th with many festivals dedicated to the Saint, who protects the world from drought and sudden downpour.

In some parts of Greece on this day they observe the weather per hour, since every hour of this day corresponds to every month of the year.

It is the hottest month or one of the hottest months of the year, the holidays are at their best as there is still a lot of summer time.

The beaches of Greece are full of people and the mountains are campers who enjoy the wonderful landscape with a glass of good wine.

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