The first month of the year was named after the Roman god Janus, who was the god of the beginning and the end.

The Romans presented Janus with two faces, usually in his statues, one looking at the entrance of the city and the other at the exit.

He saw the future and the past at the same time, backwards and forwards.

With the key he was holding in his hand he was opening the doors of the new year, he had 12 altars, which are the months of the year.

He was holding the number 300 in one hand and the number 65 in the other hand.

For the Greeks it is the first month of the year although it is accompanied by heavy cold and bad weather it has a small oasis of sunny days the well-known Halcyon days that are warm and took their name from the Alcyone from the mythology which was protected by the gods and the name took the corresponding bird that lays these days and warms its eggs until the chicks hatch.

One of the most characteristic celebrations of January is the New Year with the cutting of the royal pie, a custom which can take place throughout the month and certainly the appropriate accompanying wine is what you need.

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