The fourth month of the year directly connected with Spring and its first real awakening.

The flowers unfold their petals while the trees open their buds.

From Ancient Greece this month the “Anthestiria” took place which was the celebration of Spring and April was dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite.

April comes with jokes … and many lies from the very first day.

The first of April is customary in Greece and in other parts of our planet to make fun of and tell a lot of innocent lies.

The weather in April has many sunny days but also some quite rainy but which are valuable for farmers.

For Greece, April is identified with Easter for this and is called “Lampriatis”.

In the same month after Easter, Ai Giorgis is celebrated, which means the beginning of the summer season for both cattle breeders and farmers.

Preparing the Easter food and making plans for these festive days, the big protagonist is good wine.

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